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New Stuff

Put some new photos onto the website yesterday. They also went on my Etsy page too.

Here are two of the newly posted pics. Click the links above to see more.

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Turn your photo into a sketch

Sometimes you just want to do something different with your subject matter. Here is an example:

I started with this:

and ended up with this

  Here is how you can do it with Photoshop Elements:
1. Open the picture (duh!)
2. Ctrl J to copy.
3. Ctrl+Shift+U to remove color.
4. Ctrl J to copy the black and white layer. On this layer Ctrl I to invert.
5. Change the blend mode on inverted layer to Color Dodge.
Go to Filter, Other, Minimum. I used 4 pixels or so.

6. Now go back to original layer( the one with color).
7. Ctrl J to copy.
8. Drag that layer to the top and reduce the opacity.
9. Merge the top three layers so you’re left with two layers.
10. Ctrl J to copy.
11. Go to Filter, Artistic, Poster Edges.
Play with the opacity until you get something you like.

Try it – you’ll like it!

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