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Yet another collection

Here I am in yet another collection.

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Click here to view a talk by Rachel Sussman on her project to document the oldest living things on the planet. A very different perspective on the natural world. 

Rachel Sussman is on a quest to celebrate the resilience of life by identifying and photographing continuous-living organisms that are 2,000 years or older, all around the world.

Rachel Sussman shows photographs of the world’s oldest continuously living organisms — from 2,000-year-old brain coral off Tobago’s coast to an “underground forest” in South Africa that has lived since before the dawn of agriculture.

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Another Image in a Collection

One of my cactus images was selected for inclusion in a collection. Too cool! Check it out!

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A Few Images From New Hampshire

We recently took a trip to visit family. That included Liz’s “Uncle John” who lives in the northern wilds of New Hampshire. We helped Uncle John celebrate his 93rd birthday. He doesn’t get out much these days, and looks forward to our twice yearly visits when we take him out into the countryside. Here are a few images I was able to capture while we were there this time.

The church in the last picture is not in New Hampshire but actually just across the river in Vermont.
We are looking forward to our next trip to see Uncle John. We will be going early October when all the trees should be showing their colors!

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A Couple More Collections!

Just got back from a trip to New England. While I was gone some of my images were selected and included in two more Art Fire Collections. Check it out!

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