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Poster Art Silhouettes

I have Jim Zuckermans’  DVD “Dazzling Photoshop”. One of the files is entitled “Mountain Lion”. The primary image is of a Mountain Lion walking amongst some rocks, with a horribly washed out sky in the background. Jim transformed the “not-so-good” image into a silhouette that I immediatley thought would look good with a pelican image I had. So…….I dug up the pelican image and tried Jims technique and here is what I got.

I liked that so well that I tried it with a group of seagulls. Here is that result.
Let me know what you like or dislike!

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Bird of Paradise – Kaleidoscope

My better half asked me to take the Bird of Paradise picture and make it into a kaleidoscope effect. Well…. instead of doing the picture, I did it using the orb picture shown in the post below. Here is how the kaleidoscope turned out – what do you think?

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Bird of Paradise Orb

To celebrate Thanksgiving, I traveled to ZephyrHills FL to visit a daughter and her family. While there we toured  a “garden” where I spotted some Bird of Paradise in bloom. In my mind I could see these blooms making a nice “orb” or “gazing ball”. Take a look and see what you think.

I have done a number of these “orbs” in the past, but not recently. If you would like to see more – you can view them here. 
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