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Super Moon – May 19th

With all the advanced fanfare about last nights (19th) full moon, I just had to try to capture it. Some of my neighbors and I went to Huntington Beach SP and patiently awaited a 7:48 pm moonrise. The moon did it’s thing ontime but there were some low clouds that made immediate shooting unproductive. Then a Park Ranger came along at 7:55 and ran us off the beach saying the park closes at 8:00. None of us knew this as it has always been 10:00 but what can you do. So I headed back to the house and shot from my backyard. No place like home, I guess!

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Faux Color

Got to go out for a while this morning and took a few shots. Murrells Inlet is a very laid-back kind ofplace and photographing the area is a great way to relax and have fun! After returning home, I played with a couple of shots using Khromagery Faux Color Action. Results are below Рcomments invited.  Click on image for larger view.

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