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My Birds on ArtFire Collections

Just today I had one of my Egrets featured on a Collection at and then shortly afterwards one of my Spectacled Owls was featured in another Collection. WOW! TWO in one day!  Here they are:


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The Under Water Cameras

If you are planning a vacation on a sea side location and intend to indulge yourself in some adventure sports, then you should definitely try scuba diving. It is the most thrilling and exciting underwater adventure sport. The underwater flora and fauna would simply amaze you. Trust me; it would be an experience of your lifetime. But not to forget, make sure that you click the pictures and make the moments permanent to cherish them later in your leisure moments.

To take the pictures of underwater bodies, you will need a waterproof camera. These are specially designed units that can take the pictures of underwater bodies with efficiency and also are not destroyed by water.

You need a special under water camera because the photography requirements are different for underwater pictures than the typical land-based photography. Colour contrast, lighting and closeness to subject are all affected by underwater conditions, and this is the reason why you will need a water proof scuba diving camera unit to take the photos. A wide range of sophisticated digital water proof cameras are available in the market that can click photos of underwater subjects from a distance of 3M (10 feet) to 65M (198 feet).

All the well known companies produce sophisticated water proof digital cameras which can produce great results. You can buy any one of these or you can also opt for the disposable water proof cameras. These units can be used only once and then thrown away, and make fantastic options for that quick short break or exciting sea adventure.

These disposable units are quite similar to many regular under water units and can take great photographs. Most of the underwater cameras available in the market are able to take pictures from a range of 15 meters to 50 meters underwater. The best thing about these units over the regular ones is that they can take better pictures when on dry land.

Under water digital cameras come in various types of shapes, sizes and film formats. Many of these units also come with viewfinders which help you to see exactly what you are taking a picture of and what your camera actually sees. You can buy a water proof camera from any local store but perhaps the best place to buy these cameras is the World Wide Web. There are several online electronic stores where you can find the latest offers on all top camera models and read the reviews to make your decision. These websites also provide the price comparision which further assist you in selecting the best deal for yourself.

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