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Day 59

This is St Johns Chapel, an outdoor chapel area at Belin United Methodist Church. This area is located behind the Family Life Center and is used for many different things. 

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Day 58

Today was an El Yucko weather day, so I brought the outdoors indoors. Not much to say about this, should have dialed back the flash a little bit,  it is what it is!

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Day 57

I try to carry a P&S camera with me n my truck for those moments when you say “Gee, I wish I had a camera”. This afternoon I was running a quick errand and this little guy kept watching me and let me approach and grab is portrait. I was not sure what I was going to shoot for todays image and this just goes to show that you never know what you might find when you aren’t even looking.

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Day 56

Went over to Veterans Pier this afternoon. The mid-day light was not the best for photography, but the tide was right for pelicans and other birds to be fishing for a meal. It was fairly cloudy but just as I got there, the clouds blew away. Was fortunate to get some “aerial” photography!  Here are a couple for you to enjoy:

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Day 55

Today I decided that I needed to get my shot early. Storms are on the schedule for this afternoon. I just couldn’t decide what I wanted to shoot. Since I’ve done several signs lately (Dead Dog, No Fishing, Crazy Sister) I decided to check out another sign and found something just a little different. Another one of our local watering holes/eateries, also along the marshwalk.

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Day 54

Some signs can certainly portray funny images. This establishment is in Murrells Inlet where the marshwalk ends (or starts, depending on which direction you are going!).

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Day 53

I usually take my photography fairly seriously. I don’t think I’m “anal” about it, but i try to make good images. However, I also like to have fun with it too. I was running an errand this morning and swung by the inlet by my church and saw something that just got me laughing. Just had to shoot it and was grinning all the time. Hopefully it will make you smile too!

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Day 52

Weekend before last, when I was in Columbia, I ordered a new lens for my 7D. Since they didn’t have one with them with a Canon mount, I had to let them ship it to me. Finally got it today!  What i got is a Very wide 10-24mm. Of course within minutes of getting it out of the packaging I had to go try it out. And what better place to try a new wide angle lens than at my church. Here is the result of the test run!

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Day 51

Early post today. I was heading for the church garden again, when I spotted some daylilies alongside the road. Fortunately it was a fairly safe place to stop and capture their image. I think you will like this one!

Most kinds of Daylilies occur as clumps, each of which has leaves, a crown, flowers, and roots. The long, linear lanceolate leaves are grouped into opposite fans with arching leaves. The crown is the small white portion between the leaves and the roots. Along the scape of some kinds of daylilies, small leafy “proliferations” form at nodes or in bracts. A proliferation forms roots when planted and is often an exact clone of its parent plant. Many kinds of daylilies have thickened roots in which they store food and water.

Here is today’s image –

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Day 50

Yesterday was all about being outside. Today is opposite. Storm front moved in last night  and it’s been a dreary nasty day. So it’s time to move the photography indoors! I hope you like the results!

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