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Day 91

Caught this in the flower garden at church today just before the rains came pouring down. 

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Day 90

Didn’t have to go far to find the subject for Day 90. I was checking the conditions of several plantings around the yard this morning, and this tiny bud on a Rose tree on my patio immediately told me that I needed to look no further. Hope you like it too:

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Day 89

Sometimes the simplest things can create the neatest images. This watering can, set on a porch with some plants caught my eye. Processed in Topaz with “simplify”.  I think it works!

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Day 88

One of my favorite subjects to photograph.

BelinMemorial Church, named for the Reverend James L. Belin, Methodist Minister and benefactor to the entire Waccamaw Neck, was built in 1925 with materials salvaged from the dismantling of the Oatland Methodist Church near Pawleys Island. Mrs. W.L. Oliver was instrumental in having the building literally moved piece by piece to the present site. The work was done during the ministry of the Reverend W.T. Bedenbaugh who lived at Cedar Hill Parsonage. The church sanctuary was first renovated in 1955 during the ministry of Revered J. H. Armburst.

In 1967, an education and administration building was completed during the pastorate of the Reverend Needham Williamson. In 1977, the sanctuary was moved approximately 75 ft. to the center of the Cedar Hill location and more than doubled in size. This ambitious project was completed in the spring of 1978 during the pastorate of the Reverend Wesley Farr.

In 1991, during the ministry of the Reverend W. Robert Morris, the Belin Church family approved plans for the construction of a new sanctuary to be designed to mirror the older structure. The first worship service was held in the new sanctuary on September 6, 1992, by the Reverend Harold P. Lewis, newly appointed pastor of Belin.

On May 2, 1993, a Belin church conference voted to donate the original Belin sanctuary to the Joseph B. Bethea United Methodist Church located off Highway 501, west of Myrtle Beach. The indebtedness on the new sanctuary was quickly and gracefully paid off, and the church was dedicated on March 29, 1998, by Bishop J. Lawrence McCleskey.

Almost immediately, the Belin family of faith determined to build a state-of-the-art Family Life Center, and it was completed and consecrated on December 12, 1999, under the leadership of Harold P. Lewis.
Belin Memorial United Methodist Churchis now a congregation of more than 2,000 members with an ongoing vision for both the present and the future.

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Day 87

Another infrared shot today!  Went golfing this afternoon with neighbors to Blackmoore Golf Club. i took along a little point shoot camera that has been converted to infrared.
Here’s a shot from that adventure.

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Day 85

I know that wisteria is an invasive plant, but dog-gone-it it is just so pretty!  In the woods behind our back yard there are some wisteria. They have been in bloom for at least a week, and are so colorful. It is wonderful to look out back in the morning and see all the color. Here is just a sample —

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Day 84

Thanks to the extremely mild winter (non-winter) we had, the spring flowers are just spectacular! Here’s one I thought was worth sharing.

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Day 83

When you walk through old downtown Charleston (SC), you better keep your eyes open ’cause you never know what you might see. This includes on the sides of peoples homes!

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Day 82

OK, back to “normal” stuff today! That doesn’t mean that you might not see some other “new” stuff from time to time! 

Today’s post is more mundane, but I think you will like it – I did!

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Day 81

After not getting any comments on Day 80, I’m guessing that means that no one particularly likes this mandala stuff. But maybe it just means that no one commented on it. I’m gong to do TWO more today and see if it generates any comments. Really folks if you think this stuff sucks, tell me so. But if you think it is pretty cool, tell me that too. 
If you’re saying “Huh?” then look at Day 80 post for info on what all this is.
Here’s two more.

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