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Day 166

Sea Shell up close and personal.

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Day 165

I finally got it! For the past couple of years I have been looking for a Canon 500D Close-up Lens. Now this isn’t really a lens, but more like a screw-on filter. Every couple of months i would look at Adorama, Hunts, B&H, and everytime I would be told that the item was “backordered at MFG”. Hmmmmm. So, last week I decided to look at eBay. Found one from a seller in Hong Kong. New in box, he says. Skeptical, says I. Hmmmmm. Price was right, free shipping too! Hmmmmmmm. Seller has great feedback from many U.S. buyers. Hmmmmm. OK, take a chance. Hit that “Buy” button.  Click!

Well today the item arrives. Just as advertised. Wow! Happy Camper! 

Here is the first shot with this new gadget. Got right down on a Hibiscus stamen.  Can’t wait to get it out and give it a good workout!

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