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Changing Colors

While in my back yard, doing some “yard-work”, I noticed that a couple of little leaves on some of our “blush bushes” had changed color. I rather liked the way they had changed so quickly grabbed my camera and took a few shots.

Although we call this bush a “blush bush” it is really a loropetalum.  Loropetalum (lor-o-peta-lum) may be hard to say, but it sure is a pleasure to grow. This large, handsome shrub is a native of China and Japan, but it seems to be pretty happy growing here in the Southern states. Gardeners who want to avoid trying to pronounce loropetalum may simply call it by its common name, Chinese witch hazel or Chinese fringe or do like I do and call it a “blush bush”.


Click on image for larger view:

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Sponge Boat – A Different Look

Sometimes I feel more creative than at other times. No rhyme or reason to it, sometimes things just happen. Tonight I felt like doing something different, so I pulled up an image of a sponge boat that I took while at Tarpon Springs last weekend. Then I applied the Sabattier Effect to this image.

If you want to try this effect, click on “Tutorials” in the menu above and then select “The Sabattier Effect”. There are written instructions as well as a video.

This is the sponge boat! Hope you enjoy it!

Click on image for larger view.

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More From Tarpon Springs

A Greek Sponge Diving village located on the West Coast of Florida. Visited by tourist from all over the world, there are over 100 ethnic souvenir shops for that perfect Florida gift. You will find THE most authentic Greek restaurants this side of Athens! Take guided historic tours, nature and dolphin cruises and see some of Florida’s most stunning wildlife

Click on image for larger view

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Chambered Nautilus

The curious-looking chambered nautilus, also known simply as the nautilus, is considered by many to be a living fossil. Nautilus pompilius is the largest and most common of about six species known to exist. Like the coelacanth, it has remained unchanged for over 400 million years. During prehistoric times, there were about 10,000 different species of nautilus, but only a small handful are known to survive today. The nautilus is a mollusk and a member of the cephalopod family. It is closely related to other cephalopods such as the squid, cuttlefish, and octopus. Like most cephalopods, it can use jet propulsion to attain speeds of over two knots. A small tube near the animal’s tentacles, known as a siphon, expels water under pressure. This propels the nautilus in the opposite direction at high speeds.

Click on Photo for larger view!

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Which Do You Prefer?

This past weekend my wife and I traveled to Tampa, Florida, to spend some time with my daughter and her husband. While there, the four of us went to Tarpon Springs. What a gorgeous day it was!

At one point i was standing on the sidewalk, waiting for “the girls” to do some shopping. While standing there I noticed a cool looking lantern that I thought would make a nice image. After returning home and looking at it closer, I thought it would also make a nice Black and White image.

So here are two versions of the same image. One is color, one is Black and White. I would like YOU to tell me which is better. So which one is it? Color?B&W? Let me know!

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Sketch Effect – Revisited

A few weeks ago I posted about how to create a “sketch effect”. I mentioned that there were several plugins available that would automate the process, but that if you knew how to do this manually that you would have more control over the process.

Today I was playing with some older images and I applied this “sketch effect” to an image of a stack of kayaks. The original image was taken in Provincetown, MA.

If you want to now how to do this effect, click on “tutorials” in the menu bar above, then click on “sketch effect”.  Enjoy and have fun!


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Seacoast Artists Guild – Fall Show

The Seacoast Artist Guild is presently holding our Fall Show. The show is being held at the Inlet Square Mall in Murrells Inlet, SC. We are located directly across from the Hallmark store.

The image below is one of my entries and it was judged as “Honorable Mention”.

The show continues through the 20th. Stop by and see the work of some great coastal artists!


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Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is a world-renowned attraction and destination for kids of all ages. For more than four decades, the first week in October brings the smell of roasting chiles and the beautiful, magical moving picture show of hot air balloons sailing silently through the crisp fall air.

Guests from all over the world come to Albuquerque to celebrate ballooning. Literally hundreds of balloons will be taking flight from the Balloon Fiesta Park this year October 6 through 14, 2012.

From its modest beginnings in 1972 with 13 balloons launching from a shopping mall parking lot, the Balloon Fiesta has grown to multiple events launching year-round at the custom-designed, 365-acre Balloon Fiesta Park. Our signature event remains Balloon Fiesta—which, with over 600 balloons, is the largest ballooning event on earth, the most photographed event on earth, and the largest annual international event held in the United States.

Imagine 54 football fields, all put together. That’s the size of Balloon Fiesta Park’s 78-acre launch field! And at this Park’s “playing field,” there are no losing teams and no viewing stands. Guests walk the field and are part of the action.

I was fortunate enough to attend in 2009. Here is one of my favorite images from then. Hope you enjoy it!


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Wet Day Lily

The daylily is often called “the perfect perennial,” due to its dazzlings colors, ability to tolerate drought, capability to thrive in many zones, and requiring very little care. Daylilies thrive in full sun, although certain daylilies require partial shade, depending on color. Lighter shades, such as yellow, pink, and pastels require the sun to bring out all of their color. Darker daylilies, such as some red and purple flowers, need shade because their darker colors absorb heat.

Today, daylilies come in an assortment of shades, whereas they formerly were only available in yellow, pink, fulvous, and rosy-fulvous. Now the flowers can be found in many shades of yellow, pink, red, purple, and melon. The only shades daylilies are not available in are pure blue and pure white, which hybridizers are working on.

Daylilies have a relatively short blooming period, depending on the type of daylily. There are a variety of different dayliles; some of which will bloom in early spring, while other wait until the summer or even fall. Most dayliles bloom for one to five weeks, although there is a type of daylily known as a rebloomer, which will bloom twice in one season.


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Bull Island Sunrise – Part 2`

Here is another image from Saturdays venture to Boneyard Beach on Bull Island. See yesterdays post for more info!  Enjoy!


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