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Announcing a New E_Book

After listening to a number of people ask for this, I finally did it.  A lot of people love orbs and I love making them. I have produced and published an e-book of my favorite orbs.


AND to celebrate its introduction, it is presently on sale for 30% OFF.  That’s right! the first 50 people who purchase this new e-book will get it at 30% off its normal price.


Click HERE or on the image above for all the delicious details!


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Bones of Folly Beach

Folly Beach has an exciting history. Starting with the name. Early settlers, first approaching the island by sea, were welcomed by a pristine, tree lined coast.  For many, it was their first sight of land and trees in months — hence they named their paradise “Folly”, from an Old English Word meaning clump of trees or thicket.

There are a number of trees along the beach that make it resemble a “boneyard”. This image was processed through Topaz Simplify 4 with BuzzSim.  Hope you enjoy it!

Click on image for larger view:


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Dual Textures

A lot of photographers are talking about using textures lately. I have enjoyed using them too and you can get some of my favorite ones at French Kiss Textures.

The usual practice is to combine one texture image with one regular image. Most people seem to like to use florals to combine with textures. BUT you know me, I never claimed to be either “regular” or “usual”.  Today I have made two images to share with you. Both of them were made using TWO textures, not one, and one of them is made not with florals but with PELICANS!

All the textures used are French Kiss textures. With the Pelicans I used Craquelure Touchstone and Fall 12 Breezy. With the Lilies I used Lemon Fresco and Orleons. I hope you enjoy these:

Click on image for larger view:


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Digital Art

Digital art is a general term for a range of artistic works and practices that use digital technology as an essential part of the creative and/or presentation process. Since the 1970s, various names have been used to describe the process including computer art and multimedia art, and digital art is itself placed under the larger umbrella term new media art.

The impact of digital technology has transformed activities such as painting, drawing, sculpture and music/sound art, while new forms, such as net art, digital installation art, and virtual reality, have become recognized artistic practices. More generally the term digital artist is used to describe an artist who makes use of digital technologies in the production of art.

In an expanded sense, “digital art” is a term applied to contemporary art that uses the methods of mass production or digital media.

Below are some images I produced this afternoon of what might be considered Digital Art. I hope you enjoy them.


Click on image for larger view:



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Sabattier Rose

I have written about the Sabattier Effect before and tell you how to do it on my tutorial page (see menu above). Last night I pulled up an image of a rose I had shot a couple of years ago and played with it using the Sabattier Effect I liked this result and hope you do too!

Click on image for larger view:


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String Art

My friend Mike Moats is an award winning macro photographer from Sterling Heights, Michigan. Mike travels the country conducting workshops. He also has a great website as well as a terrific blog


I subscribe to Mike’s blog and today he ran a post that I found to be both interesting and inspirational, photographically inspirational that is. With Mike’s permission, here is the nuts and bolts of that blog post.


Have you ever heard of String Theory?  Well Mike’s theory was that this string might make for some nice art. He says that he was at a Hobby Lobby the other day picking up some silk flowers he wanted to experiment with and came down an isle that had rows and rows of colorful embroidery floss.  Mike bought some and made this arrangement, photographed them and did some artistic processing with Nik Color Efex Pro 4. Here is how they looked out of the camera, a little too clean and natural, so he made it a little funky in Nik.

Mike then  cropped and processed in Nik Color Efex Pro 4. He used the Solorization, Glamour Glow, and Polaroid Transfer filters. This is the result:


I hope you find this as interesting as I did. If you have a chance to visit Mike’s blog or website, let him know I sent you there!


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French Kiss Textures

Playing with another textures today. I really like these French Kiss Textures. If you want to play with some, click the advertisement on the side. If you buy something from them they give me a small commission, so thank you. You will find some free textures there too.


This image was made using the French Kiss Texture Lemon Fresco. The flower was shot last June at Cypress Gardens. Who can be the first to correctly ID the flower?


Click the image for larger view:

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More Textures

Played with some French Kiss Textures this afternoon. Here is one result that I think you will enjoy. If you want to try your hand at using textures you can start by getting some FREE textures at French Kiss Textures


Click on image for larger view:

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There is a fireplace in our family room. The mantle above the fireplace has been beautifully decorated for the season. Some of the decorations are these ornamental pinecones, red with gold tips. Looking closely at them, I decided they might make a nice close-up image. So this afternoon I tool one off the mantle and brought it into my studio (aka garage) and here is the result.


Click on image for larger view:

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Kitchen Madness

So it’s a rainy, dark, dreary, nasty day here today. My lovely wife went to a luncheon with a group neighborhood ladies, so while they were gone I turned my kitchen into a studio. Sometimes it is fun to try something new and different. I have been wanting to try this for a while now, but today seemed the perfect day to do it. Posted below are the results. Hope you enjoy them!


Click on image for larger view:


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