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Textured Image With Difference Blend Mode

My friend Jeff Averill inspired me to create this. Starting with a B&W image I overlaid a colored texture and changed the blend mode to “Difference”. The result is presented for your enjoyment.


Click on image for larger view:

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Hot Rods

I read in the morning paper that there was a Hot Rod “Show” in the parking lot of one of the local strip malls.  Normally my photographic interests are more tuned to nature, wildlife and landscapes with a healthy does of Macro thrown in. I’ve never done cars, although I’ve seen some fantastic car photography. For some reason the article in the paper intrigued me and I decided to go take a look and perhaps try to shoot a few cars. Heck, it might broaden my horizon. When I got there i was a little disappointed in that there were not a lot of cars. Still there were some interesting ones and I decided to see what I could do. I made a special page for these photos and invite you to take a look. You can see them here:Click this link!

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Hopelands Gardens – Part Deux

Two weeks ago, on January 7th, I blogged about Hopelands Gardens.  Here is another image I captured at the Gardens. You can learn more about Hopelands Gardens at the City of Aiken website HERE.


Click image for larger view:

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New Texture

Kim Klassen does some wonderful textures and gives many away FREE!  Today she posted a new one titled “Minus 43”. I D/L’d it and tried it out. If you want to see Kim’s stuff and get some textures from her, just go HERE! Here’s my first attempt using Minus 43, Hope you enjoy it!

Click on image for larger view!


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Fractalized Florals

By now you have seen some of the images I have edited with the magic of fractals.  People do Doctoral studies on the mathmatics of fractals, so don’t worry, we will not be getting into that here. Just know that fractals can do some amazing things to photographic images. Just look back to the January 14 post and you can see some examples. I created another one this afternoon and present it now for your viewing. Hope you enjoy it!

Remember, you can click on the image for a larger view!


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Photo Challenge Edits

I belong to a Facebook Group of regional photographers. Yesterday one of the members suggested that we let someone post an image and then the rest of us edit the image and repost our version for all to see. One of the members posted an image of an old rusted-out truck. I did two edits of it. Below you can see the original un-edited photo and then each of my edits.


Click on image to view larger:

This is the original un-edited picture.

This is my first edit





This is my second edit

Comments invited.

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I Have A New Addiction!

OK, I’ll admit it! I’m addicted. After playing with fractals this weekend I have become addicted to what they can do to an image. Wow! There is no way I could go into all the math behind this process, so I’ll just show you some examples of the end result. Enjoy!


Click images for larger views:










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How Do You Present It?

Here’s a quick lesson (new for some, rehash for others). When out shooting at an iconic place, or shooting something your have seen before, something that everybody has shot before, TRY to shoot it differently. Change your perspective, compose it differently. If you can’t do that, at least PRESENT it differently. Here are two shots from Tarpon Springs. Both are shots that EVERYBODY has shot before and EVERYBODY has seen before. BUT I bet you haven’t seen them presented like this! Just food for thought!


Click on image for larger view:


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Sunset January 7

Huntington Beach State Park offers its visitors 2500 acres of the best preserved beach on the Grand Strand. A freshwater lagoon, saltmarsh, maritime forest and 3 miles of beach are outstanding examples of the state’s natural coastal environment. Atalaya,The National Landmark home of Archer and Anna Hyatt Huntington, is also on site and open year-round for tours and events.

This sunset was captured along the causeway last night (Jan 7, 2013). Enjoy!

Click on image for larger view:

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Hopelands Gardens, Aiken, SC

Wrapped behind a serpentine brick wall and under a canopy of ancient oaks, deodar cedars and magnolias, is Hopelands Gardens. Bequeathed to the City of Aiken by Mrs. C. Oliver Iselin, this 14 acre estate was opened in 1969 as a public garden. Radiating throughout the gardens is a network of paths shaded under 100 year old live oaks. I is believed that Mrs. Iselin planted the deodar cedars and live oaks which still grace Hopelands Gardens today. The lazy curves of the paths and garden borders lead visitors throughout a wonderful variety of experiences sure to please visitors of all ages.

Below is a gazebo I photographed while visiting Hopelands Gardens. I hope you enjoy it!


Click on image for larger view:

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