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Back From the Bahamas

My wife and I just returned home from a cruise to the Bahamas. We had a wonderful time both onboard the cruise ship and ashore at Nassau and Freeport.  While in Freeport we visited the Garden of the Groves.

The Garden of the Groves is a twelve-acre park dedicated in 1973 to Mr. Wallace Groves and his wife Georgette.  Mr. Groves was the founder of the city of Freeport.  While wandering through the Gardens we came upon a spectacularly beautiful Water Lily.  Below is an image of the Water Lily we came across. It was high-noon and the lily responded with a proud display of color.  There will be other images from this trip, but I thought we would start with this one! Enjoy!


Click on image for larger view:

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Kate Silvia – Photographer

I want you to meet Kate Silvia. Kate is a friend of mine from Charleston, SC and is a wonderful photographer and also leads top-notch workshops from time to time.  Kate recently posted a “Moon Burst” image (my words) that I found to be spectacular and I thought I would share it with you here.

I strongly encourage you to see Kate’s other work by visiting her website at Kate Silvia Photography.



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I have been toying around with making a new logo. Here’s one I did the other day. Not sure about it. What do you guys think?

Click image for larger view:


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Framed Kaleidoscope

Here’s a new kaleidoscope image I created tonight. This time I placed an MJ frame around it. I hope you enjoy it! Remember, you can click the image for a larger view.


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Using a Kim Klassen Texture

No night photography tonight! It is cold, windy, and most of all rainy! So what’s a photographer to do when it’s nasty outside yet the creative urge needs to be scratched? Well, one way is to take an already shot image and apply a texture to it and see what can be created.

I pulled this image of an Egret out of the files and applied a Kim Klassen texture named “Minus 43”. I used a Blend Mode of “Soft Light” and came up with the image you see below!

Click image for larger view:

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Night Photography

Night photography has the ability to take a scene and cast it in an unusual light — much like the “golden hour” surrounding sunrise and sunset can add an element of mood and uniqueness to a sunlit scene. Just as how sports and landscape photography push the camera’s limits for shutter speed and aperture, respectively, night photography often demands technical extremes in both.

Due to lack of familiarity and since night photos are often highly technical, many photographers simply put their camera away and “call it a day” after sunset. But take a look at what they would be missing. The images below were taken AFTER sunset on February 5th, 2013. Some of you will have viewed them before if you follow me on facebook. For the rest of you, i present them now for your enjoyment.

Click on image for larger view:

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Fractaled Egret

Yesterday, while looking for images to transform into kaleidoscopes, I saw this egret that I had shot two years ago and immediately knew what to do with it. No, not a kaleidoscope! I sensed that this would look cool if fractalized! I still think I was right. Here it is for your enjoyment!


Click on image for larger view:

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I really enjoy taking images and turning them into kaleidoscopes. Part of the fun is that you never know exactly what you will get. Some can be pretty dramatic while others don’t get saved (insert grin here).

Today is cold and very windy so it seemed like a good time to make some kaleidoscopes and you can see them below. These will be in the gallery soon so if there are any you would like to see hanging on your wall be sure to check back. Right now, I hope you enjoy looking at these.


Click on image for larger view:

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