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“U” is for

“U” is for UNIQUE. And what could be more unique than your very own cell phone case with one of my images? WOW! Would your friends be green with envy? Well you can get a case for an iPhone 4/4s/5/5c/5s or a Galaxy S4 or S5 with any of my images that appear on  Now obviously the images that are in a portrait style might work better than the ones on a landscape style, but you can move and crop to meet your desire!

Below is an example of a Galaxy S5 case with my “Lenten Cross” image. Check it out!



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How to turn day into night

Have you ever created an image during the day and were curious how it would have looked at night? Maybe it’s a shot from a trip, so you can’t just go back and shoot after sunset. Just today I was looking through some older images and came across one that I would like to have shot at night. Problem is that this photo was shot at Hobcaw Barony and they are closed at night. Gee, what’s a photog to do? Well, here is what I did to kinda make it look like it was taken at night.

This is the image I started with. blog-articleFirst I created a new Solid Color fill layer by clicking the black and white circle in the layer panel. This will open a new window to select a color for the fill. Select the blue as close to black as possible.

Your image should be completely covered by the fill layer now. (It’ll just be a blue rectangle) To create the night effect and let us see our original image, you have to change the opacity of the fill. Change the top menu selection to “Multiply” and slide down the opacity to around 80%.(Make sure the Color Fill Layer is selected)


We have darkened the image but you can see from the shadows that there is a light source that would be shining on the front of each building. Maybe it’s a bright moon or maybe it is a street lamp, it doesn’t matter, but there is a light source and we need to account for it. So, I selected a round soft brush with a low opacity. I selected something like 30% opacity. Then I lightly brushed the front of each building so it would look like light was hitting them. Then, since it is supposed to be night, I selected a small star brush and inserted some stars in the sky. That’s all I did to this image. Others might required more or less work depending on what you start with.

Here is what I ended up with.  Clickon the image for a larger view.  Give it a try sometime!

blog article 3


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“T” is for

“T” is for TIME. But what really is time? Does anyone really know what time it is? Is there such a thing as a time-warp? What does it mean to “kill time”? And is it possible to “save” time or “waste” time? We could name many more uses of the word “time”.

But, here is a different look at time!  I hope you enjoy it!


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“S” is for

Sunset!  We are blessed to have ample sunsets that are spectacularly gorgeous. Tonight was not one of them, but I shot it anyway and there was a bit of color to it. This was taken in Garden City looking back towards Murrells Inlet across the inlet.

Click image for larger view:


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“R” is for

“R” is for RED! Red is one of the most exciting colors we have. Just the mention of “red” conjures up many different meanings. Below are some of my favorite “red” images, I hope you enjoy them too.

Click on any image for larger view.

Hibiscus-web IndianBlanketFlower-web RedRoseOrb2-web Scarlet-Macaw-web Sedona1-web

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