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Rare Super ‘Blood Moon’ Lunar Eclipse

On Sept. 27th, 2015, Earthlings will be treated to a skywatching event not seen since 1982. The ‘Supermoon’, which appears up to 14% larger in diameter due to its proximity to Earth, will also turn a reddish hue as a result of the Moon passing directly behind the Earth, into its shadow. Visible Sept. 27th for the Americas and Sept. 28th in Europe, Africa and western Asia.

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South Carolina Food Test

Some Californians were asked to sample some favorite South Carolina snacks, drinks, etc. Check out their reactions.

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The Egret and The Eel

This morning along the causeway at Huntington Beach State Park was dark and stormy. I had gone over to check out the wildlife action. Approaching storms kept action to a minimum. This afternoon after the storms moved on I went back. When I first got there, there was a Great Egret patiently watching for a late lunch. All of a sudden the Egret struck and came up with an Eel. Nice Catch! Well Mr. Eel was not going to go down the hatch so easily. It was a struggle. In fact at one point Mr. Eel had himself wrapped around the Egrets bill! But the Egret was determined and eventually had his lunch!

Egret-and-Eel-web Egret-and-Eel-2-web Egret-no-Eel-web

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Twirling is on fire, especially if you’re a member of the Photoshop and Lightroom group on Facebook. Hundreds upon hundreds of images have been shared on social media this week featuring the techniques that create a Twirl.  Some will say that this technology has always been there and that it’s not new.  While this may be true, the trend worthiness of it certainly is, as most had never heard of it or knew how to create one.  They are addictive and super easy to do. The possibilities are limitless.

Step by Step Instructions on How To Twirl in Photoshop

1.) Open any image in Photoshop

2.) With your background layer selected, go to Filter – Pixelate – Mezzotint. Make sure your mode is set to “Medium Lines.” Press OK.

3.) With your background layer still selected, go to Filter – Blur – Radial Blur.  Amount (100) – Blur Method (zoom) – Quality (best). Press OK.

4.) Repeat step 3 as many times as you like.  I usually like to run it about 3 times.

5.) Duplicate your background layer.  Keyboard shortcut CTRL/CMD J. This will create a duplicate layer called “Layer 1″ right above your background layer.

6.) Select your background layer.  Then go to Filter – Distort – Twirl.  In the Angle number box, you want to put in a positive value number.  Let’s put in 80 for now.  Press OK. You can always try different ones the more you experiment.

7.) Select Layer 1 above your background layer.  Then go to Filter – Distort – Twirl.  In the Angle number box, you want to put in a negative value number this time.  Let’s put in -80 for now.

8.) With Layer 1 selected, we want to change the blending mode of this layer. In your layers palette, right above Layer 1, you will see the word “normal.” Click on that and it will expand a variety of choices.  Depending on the colors and exposure in your image, will depend on which blending mode works best here. Click through the various options until you find the one you like the best on your image. I like Darken, Multiply, Lighten, Exclusion and Difference modes for Twirl art. But choose what works best for you.

9.) Flatten your image. You can stop here or work on it some more.

10.) To see more advanced tips on taking what you’ve just created to the next level, watch the video directly above this step-by-step guide. Have fun!

Here are some Twirls created using the step by step methods shown above as well as some more advanced techniques. Click on any image for larger view!


Clown-Balloon-Kaleidoscope-web-twirl collage twirl frax_47362_custom-web with frame kia6-web photo 3 purple

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Collage and Orb

Just the other day I was looking through some older files. While doing so I decided to compose a collage of florals. This collage is shown below. Shortly after creating the collage I wondered what the collage would look like if I turned it into an orb. This orb is shown below too and I think you will agree looks rather nice!

The Collage

The Collage

The Orb

The Orb

If you would like to learn how to make your own orb, you can find a video and written tutorial here: HOW TO MAKE AN ORB

Also, I run a group on Facebook that is about orbs. People from around the world post their orb creations here for others to enjoy. If you would like to look or join in you can do so here: NATURE OF ORBS

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