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New Time Lapse Video

OK, so it’s about time I tried another Time Lapse. The other day I went to our local public boat ramp. I was pretty sure it would be busy because the “spots” are running and just about everybody with anything closely resembling a boat was trying to get in on the action. I was right, the place was a beehive of activity. Made for a good time lapse ‘tho!  Take a look!

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Sketch Effect Revisited

Three years ago today, I posted about how to create a “sketch effect”. I mentioned that there were several plugins available that would automate the process, but that if you knew how to do this manually that you would have more control over the process.
I then told you that I had been playing with some older images and I applied this “sketch effect” to an image of a stack of kayaks. The original image was taken in Provincetown, MA.
If you want to now how to do this effect, click on “tutorials” in the menu bar above, then click on “sketch effect”.  Enjoy and have fun!


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