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Kaleidoscope Images

Do you remember playing with a kaleidoscope as a kid? You know, that cylinder with mirrors and loose colored objects like beads or pebbles or bits of glass. You would turn the cylinder and watch with amazement as wonderous shapes took form and then changed before your eyes. Most kaleidoscopes are mass-produced from inexpensive materials, […]

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Visit to Brookgreen Gardens

This afternoon I made a quick trip to visit Brookgreen Gardens and photograph some of the flowers that spring has brought out. What is Brookgreen Gardens, you might be asking. Well here is a brief description and following that you can see some of the images I made while there today. As a haven for […]

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Salt Flats of Bonaire

The wind carries swirls of foam across shallow flamingo-pink pools that dapple the Caribbean island of Bonaire. Across a one-lane road, the surf crashes against piles of bleached coral, filling the air with a briny haze. In the distance, other pools shine brown and violent green, while imposing pyramids of salt crystals glint in the […]

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Updated Orbs

Last week I was honored to speak to the Cape Fear Camera Club. We talked about the many different things you can do with your photography other than the normal – “Think outside the Box” stuff. One of the topics was Orbs. This seemed to have been met with some enthusiasm and I was thinking […]

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Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens

Soufriere Estate is one of the oldest and best-preserved estates on St. Lucia and was originally part of the 2000 acres of land granted to the Devaux family by King Louis XIV of France in 1713, in recognition of their service to ‘Crown and Country’. In 1740 the three Devaux brothers came to St. Lucia […]

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Crab vs Iguana

Last month, while we were on our three-week Caribbean Cruise, we spent a day on the island of Aruba. Having been there before we opted to just take a bit of a walkabout and do some souvenir shopping, shoot a few pictures, grab some lunch and just enjoy the warmth of Aruba. Our walk took […]

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Flamingos in Bonaire

The flamingo, Bonaire’s national symbol, is technically a shore bird, but its beauty, rarity, and unique presence on the island places the bird in a class by itself. There are only four places in the world where large numbers of Caribbean Flamingos breed — Bonaire is one of them. You can see allusions in the […]

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Photo Contest

I am asking for your help and support.  One of my photos is in the Grand Strand Magazines photo contest. Please go to and cast your vote for “Crazy Sister Sunset”!  Please share this with all your friends! Thank you!  

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Solarized Crotons

Crotons, Codiaeum variegatum, are evergreen, tropical shrubs that have been commonly grown in Florida landscapes for decades. They belong to the Euphorbiaceae Family. In southeastern Asia they have been cultivated for centuries and many hundreds of cultivars have been bred with a range of different leaf shapes, sizes and colors. Crotons are originally native to […]

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Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

Thomas Drayton and his wife Ann arrived from Barbados to the new English colony of Charles Towne and established Magnolia Plantation along the Ashley River in 1679. Thomas and Ann were the first in a direct line of Magnolia family ownership that has lasted more than 300 years and continues to this day. Magnolia Plantation […]

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