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Belin Memorial UMC Garden

I am a member of Belin (pronounced Blaine) Memorial United Methodist Church. It sits right on the inlet of Murrells Inlet and is quite a famous landmark. There is a garden area between the Family Life Center and the cemetery and this garden is tended to by a group of volunteers. These gardening volunteers do a wonderful job year round. 

Although it is still February I was surprised with all the color in our garden. Several different varieties of daffodils, gerbia daisys, and other assorted colorful blooms. 

Pictured below are some of the Gerbia Daisys I found there. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

(click on image for larger view)

yellow gerbias


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Updated Orbs

Last week I was honored to speak to the Cape Fear Camera Club. We talked about the many different things you can do with your photography other than the normal – “Think outside the Box” stuff.

One of the topics was Orbs. This seemed to have been met with some enthusiasm and I was thinking about his while driving home. It occurred to me that I had not done an new orbs recently. The next morning I corrected this situation. Below are some new orbs for your viewing pleasure.  These are also posted in the Orb Gallery here on this website.

If you are new to the world of orbs and would like to learn how to make your own, I have a video and written tutorial available for you. Just follow this link or “click” on Tutorials in the menu bar above.

Bird-of-Paradise-in-Pool-Orb-web Crotons-Orb-web Peacock-orb-web BelinUMC-Orb-web Ornamental_Cabbage_Orb-web Pile-of-Leaves-orb-web Swamp Sunflower Orb-web

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“L” is for

Well “L” has to be for LOVE! 

Love can be demonstrated in so many ways. There is the love you have for a neighbor, the love you have for a parent, the love you have for a child. We are probably quick to think of the love we have for a spouse.

Often times we are quick to forget the love that God has for us. Today I was studying 1 John, in preparation for this weeks Disciple class, and verses 9-10 really jumped out at me and also caused me to think of the image shown below. I hope it speaks to your heart too.

9 By this the love of God was manifested in us, that God has sent His only begotten Son into the world so that we might live through Him. 10 In this is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins.…

Clicking the image will show a larger view:




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Belin Memorial United Methodist Church

Belin Memorial United Methodist Church, named for the Reverend James L. Belin, Methodist Minister and benefactor to the entire Waccamaw Neck, was built in 1925 with materials salvaged from the dismantling of the Oatland Methodist Church near Pawleys Island. Mrs. W.L. Oliver was instrumental in having the building literally moved piece by piece to the present site. The work was done during the ministry of the Reverend W.T. Bedenbaugh who lived at Cedar Hill parsonage. The church sanctuary was first renovated in 1955 during the ministry of the Reverend J. H. Armburst. In 1967, an education and administration building was completed during  the pastorate of the Reverend Needham Williamson. In 1977, the sanctuary was moved approximately 75 ft. to the center of the Cedar Hill location and more than doubled in size. This ambitious project was completed in  the spring of 1978 during the pastorate of the Reverend Wesley Farr.

In 1991, during the ministry of the Reverend W. Robert Morris, the Belin Church family approved plans for the construction of a new sanctuary to be designed to mirror the older structure. The first worship service was held in the new sanctuary on September 6, 1992, by the Reverend Harold P. Lewis, newly appointed pastor of Belin. On May 2, 1993, a Belin church conference voted to donate the original Belin sanctuary to the Joseph B. Bethea United Methodist Church located off Highway 501, west of Myrtle Beach. The indebtedness on the new sanctuary was quickly and gracefully paid off, and the church was dedicated on March 29, 1998, by Bishop J. Lawrence

Almost immediately, the Belin family of faith determined to build a state-of-the-art Family Life Center, and it was completed and consecrated on December 12, 1999, under the leadership of the Reverend Harold P. Lewis.
Belin Memorial United Methodist Church is now a congregation of more than 2,000 members with an ongoing vision for both the present and the future.

Shown below is the present day (September 2013) Belin Memorial UMC Sanctuary as it appears at night.

Click on image for larger view:

Belin Memorial UMC

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Garden City Beach

Garden City Beach is Horry County’s southernmost beach community. It is located seven miles south of Myrtle Beach and lies partly in Horry County and partly in Georgetown County.

Garden City Beach is an unincorporated coastal community nestled between the Atlantic Ocean on its east and the creeks and tributaries of Murrells Inlet on its west. Garden City Beach takes pride in being recognized as a family beach offering fun filled family activities such as the Sun Fun Kids Fair and Annual Christmas Tree Lighting. There is also a new 1,250 foot long creek walk for fishing, crabbing, birding, walking , and biking.

Below is a view of Garden City Beach as seen from across Murrells Inlet from Belin Memorial United Methodist Church.

Click on image for larger view:

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Day 59

This is St Johns Chapel, an outdoor chapel area at Belin United Methodist Church. This area is located behind the Family Life Center and is used for many different things. 

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