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Prague Gardens

While in Prague a couple of weeks ago, my wife and I explored the Prague Castle. However, before we toured the castle we took some time to visit the gardens outside the castle. There were blooms everywhere! 

The first image you see below you may have seen on my personal FaceBook page. After looking at it I thought it might be a good candidate for Fractalius treatment. I have not played with Fractalius for a while but think I like the result, seen in the second image below. 

prague gardens

prague gardens

The Royal Gardens are historically the most valuable of all the castle gardens. Founded in 1534 by Ferdinand I. Habsburg, they were inspired by Italian designs; the current form of the garden, however, follows the English adaptation of the 19th century. One of its greatest treasures is the Singing Fountain, one of the most beautiful fountains in Renaissance Europe. The southern gardens (Paradise, Ramparts and Hartig Gardens) spreading along the southern facade of the Prague Castle offer striking views of the Lesser Quarter, Old Town and nearby Petřín.

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“U” is for

“U” is for UNIQUE. And what could be more unique than your very own cell phone case with one of my images? WOW! Would your friends be green with envy? Well you can get a case for an iPhone 4/4s/5/5c/5s or a Galaxy S4 or S5 with any of my images that appear on  Now obviously the images that are in a portrait style might work better than the ones on a landscape style, but you can move and crop to meet your desire!

Below is an example of a Galaxy S5 case with my “Lenten Cross” image. Check it out!



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The Margaret Todd

The Schooner “Margaret Todd” is a ship which sails out of Bar Harbor, Maine.

The Margaret Todd is a four mast, red sailed, 151′ schooner that offers a two hour sail from the Bar Harbor Inn pier around the islands in Frenchman’s Bay. There are three windjammer cruises a day; morning, afternoon and sunset.

The Schooner Margaret Todd replaces her predecessor the Natalie Todd, which sailed from Bar Harbor, Maine for so many years. This unique schooner was conceived and designed by her owner, Captain Steven Pagels. Named after Capt. Pagels’ grandmother, the Margaret Todd was built over a two year period by the Schreiber Boatyard in St. Augustine, Florida, and was launched on April 11, 1998.

The hull and deck are made of steel. The wood topmasts, gaffs and booms are made of native Maine spruce by Elk Spars of Bar Harbor. Almost all the woodwork was custom made in Southwest Harbor, Maine. Her windlass, which is used to hoist the anchor, comes from a Delaware Bay oyster schooner, and the standing rigging was made by the Hamilton Seine Loft. The four masted schooner rig, steel hull construction, and double centerboard design make the Margaret Todd unique on the east coast.

Click on image for larger view:

The Margaret Todd

The Margaret Todd

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Wacca Wache is a freshwater marina conveniently located at ICW Marker #57 on the Waccamaw River in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina.  The Waccamaw River is one of the most scenic stretches of the Intracoastal Waterway.  Tall cypress and oak trees draped in Spanish moss and grass-covered picnic areas have made the marina a popular recreation area.

This image was taken this morning in between rain storms.



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Walking The Beach

Spent part of yesterday walking along the beach at Huntington Beach State Park with my daughter who had come visiting for the weekend. It was a special time. She is back home now but we had a wonderful weekend together.




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Day 238

Sometimes when a color image is just “blah”, it can become a very nice image when converted to black and white. This image taken along the beach at Huntington Beach State Park was a very “blah” image when I first looked at it. However, I think it packs a little punch now as a B&W image. What do you think?

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Day 237

Late evening stroll along the beach. Huntington Beach State Park. Sunset as seen through the Sea Oats. iPhone photo, tweaked in Topaz.

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Day 226

Early morning along the marshwalk. A different view from the normal.


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Day 225

While out on my morning walk I came upon a fishing boat unloading their catch.


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How to Buy a Tripod

Buying a tripod can be a trial in itself…do you go for the savings, or the investment or what. Just what should you be looking for?
1. Weight – you, or someone else, will be carrying the tripod. You will want to consider its weight and bulkiness. Secondly weight is important as you consider what you’ll be putting on it. If you’re using a small camera with no accessories you’ll not need anything too weighty but if you have a DSLR, use larger lenses and add a flash to it you will probably want to invest in something that will take the weight.
2. Stability – How stable the tripod is means a lot. Depending on the surface that you will be setting it up, and the conditions, and the weight of the camera or camcorder. Test it fully extended to see how stable it is. Will it be sturdy on a windy day? Will it take the knock of someone bumping it on the way past?
3. Type of leg locks – How easily can the legs be locked into place and how secure is that lock. A lot of it comes to personal preference but you will want to ensure that whatever method you choose you pick something that is easy to use and adjust but that will be strong and hold in place with the full weight of your camera on it.
4. Type of head – is it an integrated unit or can it be switched out. There are two main types of tripod heads:
ball and socket – these are great in terms of flexibility and moving your camera around but I personally find them a little bit too fiddley. They are very smooth though and have a very nice feel to them.
pan and tilt – these are great for locking into position and are generally more affordable. They are not quite as fluid to move around and take a little getting used to use but I quite like them. Tripod heads can either be bought with a tripod as a complete set or separately.
5. Height – Depending upon the type of photography you do, your height requirements will be different. Think ahead about the maximum height you’ll need but also when testing a tripod see how it operates at it’s minimum and how big it is when it’s all folded up (portability). Attempt to get a tripod that has a maximum height that you can look into without having to bend (there’s nothing worse than a full day of leaning over to check the framing of your shots).
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